Due to our very high standard of craftsmanship, all of our Suki Sunglasses require very little maintenance. To avoid accidental damage, we encourage you to store your Suki Wooden Eyewear in a safe place as much as possible: don't keep your SUKI sunnies in your pocket, backpack, hanging from your shirt, on your forehead, etc. If you're not wearing them, please keep the within their wooden case or travel pouch whenever possible.  


All our SUKI sunnies are hand-crafted from sustainably sourced wood from plantations in various parts of the World, sustainably sourced means that when the wood or Bamboo has reached maturity, they are cut and replanted to continue the cycle. We aim to minimize our ecological footprint as much as possible by ensuring our resources come only from managed forests which are bound by ethical standards.

Yes! All the wood in our sunnies have been treated to withstand all weathers, humidity and contact to water. That being said, please do take care of them by not submerging them under water for too long and rinsing them with fresh water after some time at the beach. Otherwise, our sunnies are a fair bit lighter than regular plastic sunglasses so if you do use them by the water they will even float ;)

All our SUKI Wooden Sunnies are equipped with:

  • European Conforming (CE) CR 39 Polarized lenses. The lenses use protective UV coating for optimal clarity. These polarised lenses will reduce reflective and natural glare as well as improve colour vibrancy, perfect for outdoor sports as well as everyday use. We offer REVO Blue / Orange tints to cater to whatever style you may prefer.
  • Spring Hinges are made from stainless steel. They allow our sunnies to frame your face comfortable and increase flexibility & durability.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal for online orders.

International orders of our SUKI Sunnies may be subject to import taxes and duties on arrival of the package in the destination country. As SUKI Wooden Sunglasses has no control over these charges, the customer is responsible for any additional customs taxes that may be charged to the shipment. Additionally, we are not responsible for any actions taken by the customs department or the package delivery service when your orders have been shipped to your country. 

Within Indonesia, your order should reach you safely within 5-7 days of your online purchase. The rest of the World takes 2-4 weeks ( free standard shipping ) and takes 5-7 business days ( express shipping )

Sure thing! We only accept returns & exchanges for SUKI Wooden Sunglasses within 1 week of purchase from www.sukiwoodensunglasses.com

Please note that:

  • Shipping, Indonesian customs tax costs & Paypal refund costs are covered by the customer
  • The proof of purchase (receipt, card bills, online order record, etc.) must be attached
  • Returns & exchanges are advised to be delivered by EMS tracking, as SUKI Wooden Sunglasses are not responsible for any returned posts which are lost or damaged during delivery
  • All the items from the shipment must be returned (this includes packaging, warranty form and box)
  • Sunglasses must be brand new & unworn

Please contact us if you’d like more information on returns and exchanges!

We get it, sometimes when you finally get your hands on a pair of SUKI wooden sunnies, you accidentally sat on them or drop it from your shirt and it gets broken. After a few e-mails from customers telling us about the bizarre ways they’ve accidentally broken their sunnies, we’ve decided to give an offer to our customers personally to relieve their pain a lil bit. We call this our OOPS! Coverage.

If you accidentally break your sunnies within THREE MONTHS of purchase, we will offer you a 30% discount off if you decide to purchase a new pair. Please make sure to click OOPS! Coverage when you fill out the warranty claim request form.