SUKI Wooden Sunglasses are warranted for three months from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects of material quality and craftsmanship. SUKI Wooden Sunglasses has sole discretion to determine what qualifies as a manufacturer’s defect and requires proof of purchase from an authorized SUKI consignment to qualify the sunglasses as warrantable. If a product is deemed defective, SUKI will repair or replace the item at no cost to you.

This 3 months warranty program does not cover scratched lenses as a result of normal use nor products that are lost, stolen, dropped, shattered, sat on, or damaged in any other way incurred by excess force from the user. 



Popped lens without signs of impact or force (however we do not cover intentional lens removal) and 
broken hinges that are caused with no signs of impact or force.





Damage caused by impact or force including cracks, scratches, broken pieces, animal chewing, or pulled hinges and damage caused by environmental conditions including exposure to heat, cold, water, and sun, or scratched lenses.


To claim a warrant, please e-mail the following:

1. A proof of purchase, which can include:

  • An online order number
  • A picture or scan of a physical receipt with a date of purchase and retailer name clearly visible
  • A picture of your bank statement with a visible and highlighted purchase date and retailer name
  • An online PayPal receipt

2. Photos of the damage:

  • A full product photo
  • Close up photos on the damage in different angles (proper focus & lighting)

All claims must be e-mailed directly to so we can review the damage. Please do not return your product to the store as dealers are not authorized to provide warranty service on SUKI Wooden Sunglasses.


Click HERE to submit your warranty!