Our Story

Suki is an Indonesian designer based in Bali and SUKI WOODEN SUNGLASSES is a concept inspired by the unique exotic island she calls home.

Suki Wooden Sunglasses was established in 2011 and has continued to grow and develop in Indonesia and internationally. What begun as a dream soon became a platform for Suki to share her conscious and unique designs with the world.

With the ethos of Follow The Sun always at the forefront of every design, Suki Wooden Sunglasses are inspired by our internal journey to sun and waves; a lifestyle that is filled with joy and pleasure, with smiles and friendships. Our sunglasses are designed to be worn by adventurers, by travellers and explorers, by the ones who take risks, the ones that seek thrills and cherish memories. Suki Wooden Sunglasses are designed to be worn by you. By us.



As Suki continues to design and create new sunglasses, her collections have grown both in size and design. Now she focuses on four different styles, including SUKIWooden Sunglasses, Acetate Sunglasses, Titanium Sunglasses, and Steel Sunglasses. Our materials are sustainably sourced and certified. Find out more about our certifications here.